Russian Customer Customized Solids Control System for Delivery

In fruitful October, delivery for several sets of solids control systems customized for a Russian customer has all been completed. This successful cooperation between KOSUN and the Russian drilling service company further expands share of KOSUN solids control products in Russian market once again. Both parties have agreed to establish long-term strategic partnership in line with principles of mutual benefit and joint development.

KOSUN Production & Machining Center
KOSUN Production & Machining Center
Vacuum Degasser Ready for Delivery
Vacuum Degasser Ready for Delivery
Jet Mixer Ready for Delivery
Jet Mud Mixer Ready for Delivery

KOSUN has set up a product accessories warehouse in Nefteyugansk in a Russian oil drilling block. Currently, shale shaker and large numbers of screens are stored in the warehouse, which allows KOSUN to provide a series of localized services of solids control products for numerous Russian drilling companies.

Now, KOSUN products have occupied a decisive market share in Pan-Russian regions and won favorable word of mouth. KOSUN has been sticking to winning markets by virtue of product upgrading and technological innovation and acutely grasping customers’ demands, winning great reputation in the industry for stable product quality, personalized product customization services and perfect global after-sales services.

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