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    Recently, KOSUNblack rhino T ail S lurry Treatment S ystem was installed and commissioned in the construction of the first subway line in Mumbai, India, and officially put into use. The project is mainly used to deal with a large amount of...

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    Working principle of Solids Control System 1.Drilling mud from drill hole will feeding into shale shaker buffer box by pipeline, the shaker can install shaker screen mesh API 35 to API 120 to separate larger drilling cuttings. Fluids part w...

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    Function of Drilling Fluids Purification System :Control and separate the solids in drilling fluids, purify the drilling fluids. Features of Drilling Fluids Purification System: -Its compact design makes it take up small space which is much...

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    Desanding plant bored pile foundation construction is the best solution of Mud sludge treatment in Bored Pile Construction. How to process slurry of bored pile construction? This is a difficult problem in the construction of bored piles. Th...

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    Ⅰ.INTRODUCTION OF KOSUN SLURRY TBM TREATMENT PLANT Environmental Slurry TBM Treatment Plant developed by KOSUN is the most advanced technolog ical products in the world, which can be widely used in urban rail transit construction, water c...

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