• 13

    KOSUN Black Rhino brand has attracted strong interest from many well-known drilling companies in North America after its first appearance at OTC 2014. The application effect of Black Rhino solids control equipment at drilling site is also highly acclaimed....

  • 11

    Recently, several KOSUN solids control equipment for a Brazil customer has been manufactured and packaged, waiting for shipment....

  • 06

    Drilling waste management is to treat the solids generated during drilling and finally meet environment protection and discharge standards in countries and regions locally....

  • 04

    On February 10, KOSUN held the “Caring Health and Treasuring Life” symposium in the main meeting room, mainly aiming to popularize first aid knowledge among the staff and improve the staff’ self-health care consciousness....

  • 02

    At the beginning of 2015, after being approved by Xi’an Science & Technology Administration and Xi’an Finance Bureau, our company has formally finished the project establishment of “Xi’an Oil & Gas Drilling Waste Management Engineering Technology Research Center”, laying a solid foundation for KOSUN to carry out the “Zero Discharge” plan in drilling waste management market in China....

  • 28

    With the establishment of “Xi’an Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Management Engineering Research Center”, KOSUN will have more opportunities to make great contributions to the drilling waste management in China. ...

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