• 04

    Drilling fluid mud cleaner is the second or third stage solids control equipment of drilling fluid recycling system, which deals with the mud after being treated by the first grade separation equipment.Drilling fluid mud cleaner mainly consist of desanding cleaner and desilter cleaner....

  • 03

    Drilling fluids circulating solids control system has been frequently mentioned in previous passages surrounding solids control technology...

  • 02

    The drilling decanter centrifuge is mainly used to control the density and viscosity of drilling fluid in solids control system,to guarantee the good performance of drilling fluid and increase the speed of drilling.There are mainly three types of feed pump feeding for decanter centrifuge....

  • 01

    KOSUN oilfield drilling vertical centrifuge is about to be on display at CIPPE 2014. You are very welcome to visit us at E2160!...

  • 31

    KOSUN oilfield drilling mud agitator is a part of solid control system of mud tank, which is mainly used in agitating and blending drilling fluid so as to control the depositions of solid particles in its tank cycling system and keep the mud property of circulation stable and mixture uniform....

  • 19

    READ: On Mar. 19th, 14th China International Petroleum Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CIPPE 2014 for short) commenced at New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Xi’an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd.(KOSUN for short) attended this event with 8 new products such as, Black Rhino Shale Shaker, Black Rhino Mud Cleaner, etc....

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